Discover Skillinked !

We are very pleased to announce that we have made the first step towards releasing our final project: provide to all players a community website allowing to move forward collectively in eSport World. Skillinked is a result of some seriously difficult work, which our team has undertaken over last months.

At this first key step, we are able to offer you smart solutions for:

- Highlighting all your gaming experiences with a dedicated “curriculum vitae” page.

- Creating challenging eSport teams through user friendly interfaces.

- Finding the most suitable profiles and completing your team(s) with a large community of gamers.

- Managing personal and team(s) performances due to first basics indicators.

- Increasing your visibility in order to introduce you and your team in the eSport World.

Today, we are all creating good stories to tell, changing together the way that eSport World will be perceived. Let be frank about this, it is still beyond our full comprehension, eSport World will become the biggest booming industry, even bigger than football.

That is why, we identified the need to have one unique platform to support teams and players in their evolution. Our objective is to provide you all the necessary in order to give you the chance to reach eSport World.

We are counting on you, grab this opportunity to be the next legend!


Skillinked is in continuous development since March 2017. In this section we present planned milestones for development.

Skiliinked v3 will be a culmination of many important changes and features which will, we hope, benefit significantly to players. Through this project, we want to put players’ interest first. Therefore, we are able to guarantee to all registered players a full freely acces to a maximum of functionalities, allowing to everyone to create esport stories.

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