How to land correctly on Fortnite

Knowing how to land correctly on Fortnite (especially in single) is essential.
If you have just started playing and consequently you aren’t a very experienced player, in this guide we’ll show you the best areas to land.
Here following there are the 9 zones where to land:

  • Zone near the Flush Factory :

    This is one of the smallest areas in the whole map, but it’s really full of loot and treasure chests.
    We suggest you to start to loot from the disco, namely the part that contains more loot.

  • Motel near Lazy Links :

    In addition to the motel itself, in this area there are 2 dilapidated houses where you can find chests and many ammo boxes.

  • Tunnel Tomato Town :

    Tomato town is very small but it’s often very crowded, but in the south of the city you can find a tunnel that leads you out (of the city).
    Along the tunnel, in addition to the flight of stairs, there is a part of the wall that could crack, inside you can often find 2 boxes and 1 case of ammo.

  • Container zone :

    This is another fairly small area made up almost entirely of containers.
    Inside them you can find chests and boxes of ammo as well as weapons and ammo.
    In addition you can also find a good loot at the top of the 2 turrets.

  • Villa near Lonely Lodge :

    Here we can find up to 4 boxes and within the house you can find several weapons.
    It’s better to land on a balcony and then go straight to the house and go down to the basement.
    This is also a good area because it’s located near a retreat sheltered and it’s underestimated by the players.

  • Tower at the north-east end of the map :

    This was a popular place in previous seasons, but with the numerous updates to the map, it's hard to find people.
    It’s convenient to start to loot from the top of the tower and then descend into the house.
    Once finished, just head west where you can find an ice cream truck surrounded by 2 treasures and a chest of ammunitions.

  • Big house :

    This is probably one of the largest houses outside of cities.
    It’s located between Haunted Hills and Snobby Shores in a small forest.
    It’s convenient to land on the roof and then descend to the ground floor, a good area also to create materials quickly.

  • Area south of Paradise Palms :

    In season 5 a new type of biome was introduced containing a new large area: Paradise Palms.
    At the south of the latter it’s possible to find small towns to be looted.

  • Football field:

    This area consists of 3 buildings: a soccer field, a swimming pool and a petrol station.
    In the field we could find weapons and at the ends of it there could be some crates.
    Inside the gas station you can find 2 crates, while in the pool, 1 chest and many weapons on the ground.

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