Best Weapons - PUBG

In this guide we’ll show you the best PUBG weapons.
This list is based on the statistics of the various weapons, from the strongest to the weakest.
In addition to the overall ranking, you’ll find the top 3 of each category, including grenades.
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This list is based on the statistics of each weapon.

These are the best PUBG weapons for the moment! Now let's analyze each category.


    The complete list of assault rifles on PUBG.
    This type of weapon is considered the best one of the game due to its effectiveness in fighting, both from near and far.


    These rifles are perfect for cleaning houses and buildings. Their flaw is that they aren’t effective if you’re not close to your enemies.


    Sniper rifles are the best choice for long distance combat. For this reason and for their damage, they’re considered among the best PUBG weapons.


    Light machine guns and sub-machine guns are the best weapons for medium and long range combat. The M249 is considered one of the best weapons of the game even on the long distance.



We arrived at the end of our PUBG best weapons guide.
Now that you know what are the best PUBG guns, you just have to get off in battle! PUBG Mobile, PC, Xbox One.
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To get the best of you, choose a landing spot on the map, and make sure you’re the first to get there.
Remember that cities contain the best loot! Unlike the isolated houses / shacks.

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