5 tips to perform in eSport...

Do you want to meet the success in LANs, to make everyone agree that you are the best at League of Legends, or to be TOP1 in Fortnite?
Everything is possible with practice, then why not you ?
Even if the eSport world became more and more competitive, the emergence of eSport allows everyone to make their story if you learn efficiently !
That is what you need in order to be the best and reach the TOP teams...
At Skillinked, we are passionate about the video games world, we support Teams and Players with the aim to create the Star of tomorrow.
To help you in your eSport progression, you can find below our 5 tips !

  • 1.Choose your own game and explore its specificities

    The first thing to do to make a good introduction in the eSport world is to choose your game and to understand the gameplay.
    Obviously, the first thing you will do after buying the game is to play.
    And here is the mistake.
    You will start having bad habits, using bad practices and then you will waste your time to fix it.
    Take your time to explore, to study, to watch professional player to begin your eSport story with best practices.
    You have to understand game mechanics as soon as possible to develop your game strategic vision.

  • 2. Analyze your game and your opponents.

    Step back on your strengths and weaknesses by analyzing your own games, watching replays and using data and KPIs.
    Replays will show you small details which turn a victory into a defeat.
    To progress don’t focus only on yourself, if you have the opportunity analyze also your opponents.
    You have to identify its weaknesses and play on it.
    The best players in the world are not the most skilled but they have a perfect knowledge of the game.

  • 3. Use appropriate tools to visualize your progression

    A progression is not only based on your ranking, you also have to focus on your skills, behavior and your communication.
    Many tools are already developed to help you with each specific point but you will waste your time to surf on them.
    Skillinked supports players in their evolution.
    We can find all you need in a single tool.
    You will find key performance indicators to easily analyze your games and also management tools to plan your trainings and manage your teammates.
    You will reach the top faster!

  • 4. Keep sustainable training !

    You have to walk before you can run.
    It is not possible to win all your games from the beginning.
    A lot of players think that if they play a lot of games they will progress faster.
    It’s not really working that way, you will cumulate tiredness, irritation and loss of focus.
    To progress in eSport, you have to plan your trainings efficiently alternating games, analysis and breaks.
    Identify the time of day where you perform the most and try to play during this time.
    The agenda will help you to understand your pace.

  • 5. Learning from failure make the difference

    Gotoga, one of the most famous French streamer, insists on that in his interview with 20 minutes.
    You can’t be the best as soon as you start playing, you will meet victories and defeats during all your eSport story !
    Never give up! Investigate on your lost games in Skillinked or by watching replays.
    You have to consider a defeat as an opportunity to find your own mistakes and fix them.
    When everything is going well you can’t catch your weaknesses, make a difference and change a defeat into a victory!

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