Find a team

With the addition of the new in-game tournaments, Fortnite developers decided to elevate the competitive environment that orbits around their title.
With this move they want to give even more importance to the competitive and make Fortnite a leading title in the Esport scene.
Analyzing the available tournaments, you can see that there are competitions dedicated to duo and teams.
Right here we want to talk about, on the importance of finding teammates and on the creation of teams, but above all, how to find them!

How many times have we dreamed of standing out in competitions, but do you happen to find toxic players of all kinds in the team?
The answer is 'several times'.
In competitive team games, such as LoL, Rainbow Six and now also on Fortnite, this type of teammates greatly limits individual progress.
For this reason, it’s good to use platforms that allow us to find teammates and to organize teams with serious people.
In this way, you’ll have more chances to rise in rank and pro-gress.
If you look at the Esports scene, all the teams are very tight-knit and work together to give you the best as possible, without thinking individually.

By creating teams and looking for playmates, you can start participating in tournaments like FaceIt and try to win numerous prizes.
But what are the platforms that allow us to find teammates with whom we can build something important and aspire to something more than simple games together?

Participating in tournaments

One of the platforms you can use is Skillinked.
On this site, you can start your journey in Esports and find teammates and create teams on Fortnite and other titles.
Skillinked is a platform designed specifically to manage your performances and progress in the game like a real professional.
In addition to the Battle Royale Fortnite and PUBG you can also track League of Legends, Cs Go, Rainbow Six and Overwatch statistics.

Skillinked also offers the opportunity to:

  • Create teams and players
  • Manage your team
  • Create a calendar to manage your and your team's commitments
  • Link your streaming sites
  • Monitor your individual and your team's performance
  • Chat with all players
  • Look for teams and players
...and much more!

With an interface designed by players for players, it will also be possible to synchronize your game accounts and find the right teammates to progress and get to the top.
The ability to keep track of your stats and those of your team offers a great advantage over other players, as you can analyze and reflect on what is to be improved and modified.
In addition to this you can try to join an existing team, presenting your statistics quickly and easily.

But why is it important to monitor your team's progress and play with trusted guys?
If you aspire to the competitive landscape, you cannot present yourself unprepared and improvised to competitions.
Every pro team must have strategies and be tight-knit.
A well-organized team can push all its members to perform at a higher level.
After understanding how to find teammates, a good regularity is also needed to achieve results.
This kind of platforms aren’t only ad-dressed to those who aspire to the competitive, but also to those who want to play to have fun without having toxic players in the team.

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