eSport is revolutionizing strongly the video games industry and even the sport concept. Federations are thinking about many changes with eSport regulations. As an example, in France, the Olympic committee is trying to integrate eSport tournaments for 2024 Olympic Games. We are all observing this moving context, seeing each days in newspapers or TV some big news. But, could you imagine having the opportunity to be a part of this change?

Here are some keys numbers for 2017:

- 41%: Represents the eSport incomings increase (compared to 2016).

- 696 M$ generated by eSport market.

- 385 M of additional eSport Fan’s.

- 43 M of players watched League of Legend world championship. It was one of the ten most sportive events watched in the world.

- 2.5 M$: Represents the incomings earned by the most famous esport players.

The unexpected emergence of eSport world is opening new exciting opportunities for the coming years. This creates a global and considerable enthusiasm which leads to a significant multiplication of investors. eSport is becoming a place where everyone could be part of something bigger, something exciting.

Skillinked team’s hope that you will choose to be part of this, sharing with us an amazing adventure which could change your life.