Partnerships: Let’s Stream with us!

Today, players and streamers are creating together good stories to tell, changing gradually the way that eSport world will be perceived. eSport could become the biggest booming industry, bringing out plenty of new activities as twitch streamer.

Some of us have even been wondering about quitting their job to pursue streaming full time, sharing tips and skills with all the eSport community. In the current situation, how a player can dream to join the restricted network of professional Twitch streamer?

Skillinked aim is to support Team and Players in their evolution. Streaming is a source of entertainment but above all, a source of learning, which match perfectly with our philosophy. We are fully convinced that it’s difficult for streamers to get know and this is why we are supporting all streamers approach.

So, how we make the difference?

In addition to the possibility to be followed by a passionate community of players, we offer you also a free access to all the functionalities on the website. Your show can be daily seen by thousands users.

If you already have some experiences and viewers on your stream,
If you are motivated and inspered to get involved in eSport World,
If you want to increase significantly your network,
If you share our values and vision,
Start to work with us in partnership to move forward together in the eSport world.

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