New indicators are now available !

We are very pleased to announce the news team statistics. They were especially developed for League of Legends. SKILLINKED become the first website worldwide to make team statistics available. This is the result of huge efforts from our developers and we would like to thank them for their great work.

You can now track your teammates’ performances in the SoloQ and in the FlexQ. Thanks to these innovative tools, SKILLINKED allows you to evaluate and analyze your team performances easily and quickly. Being able to detect your strengths and weaknesses will help you to improve your skills as a team. Be aware that from now, you will be evaluated on your real performances and not anymore on how good you think you are. We will continue to develop this feature to help you improve yourself. We really hope these key performance indicators will help you to reach some diamonds, master or challenger league.

You can suggest improvements by clicking here.
We remind you that the website is still Beta. If you see any bug, we would be very grateful if you let us know with this form.

We have already started to develop the same feature for several other video games. The next one is a very recent and famous game which hits the roof. We let you guess.

  • How to access your team statistics ?
    • Create a team on Skillinked with a minimum of 5 players and a synchronized League of Legends account.
    • Play in Flex queue at least 1 game with these 5 gamers
  • Where are the team statistics ?
    • Click on your team
    • Select the “Performance” tab
  • Which statistics are available ?
    • All your Team game history with filters and possibility to analyze your DUOQ :

    • Your team win rate

    • Compare your performances with your teammates and other League of Legends divisions.

    • Compare your individual performances with your team performances.

    • Track your Teammates level and performances.

  • Who can check my statistics ?
    • Only your own team has access to such information