If you're here, it's because you want to understand how to improve on Fortnite.
In this guide we’ll give you 8 tips to follow in order to improve on the Epic Games title.


    One of the key things is knowing where to land on Fortnite, where you decide to launch from the bus has a significant impact on your chances of success.
    Your ability to find weapons and chests is determined by choosing the best areas to land at the start of a game.
    If you want to last until the end of the game, to experience the thrill of being one of the last gamers, or simply to complete a mission, jumping early in a fast-paced area is not a good move.
    Throw yourself into a less crowded place, so equip yourself well before engaging in fights.
    Try to throw yourself to a more innocuous and out of the way place.
    Jump off when the Bus is halfway on the map and fly to an area away from the trajectory that it is traveling.


    After landing, the most important thing to do is to find the right gear. If you reach the middle of the game (let alone the final one) without decent weapons, ammo and shields, you won’t last long! When you land you must stock up very quickly. The more time you play, the better you'll know where the chests are likely to be, so you'll be able to find items much faster. In the initial stages it’s good to find a weapon at close range, a medium-range weapon and shields. Don’t forget to arm yourself always better going forward in the game. A very important thing is: DON’T IGNORE OR UNDERESTIMATE THE BOXES OF MUNITIONS, check well under the stairs and in every corner!


    Another fundamental thing is to hoard materials. You’ll need a lot of materials to build buildings with which to defend yourself. Our advice is to start accumulating them right away. Remember not to hoard only one type, but to collect all three variants. The more the game goes on, the more you’ll need bricks and iron. As a general rule, it’s good to have 200 of each material within the first storm closure. Of course it’s not always possible, but if you haven’t landed in an area invaded by enemies, you can collect things fairly quickly as you run to the first safe zone.


    One of the greatest advantages you can have in Fortnite, is staying higher than the others. Whether it's building or climbing up a mountain, always put yourself higher up. Trees, rocks, buildings: all these things are your friends. The end of the island is your ally, because you’ll have to defend yourself only on three sides. Even the storm can be exploited to your advantage. Once closed, if you approach the border, you’ll reduce the chances of an enemy approaching you while you turn your back.


    It’s possible to win a Fortnite game without firing a single bullet, but it’s also extremely unlikely. If you see someone come round completely unaware, and you have the chance to kill him, do it. Avoiding fights is not good, killing your enemies you can find better weapons and materials to advance in the game.


    Just because you see someone, doesn’t mean you have to attack them. If you're in a bad position, or you're running out of ammo, or you're worried that your enemies might be behind you and you don’t want to get noticed, then it's best to avoid combat. Try to always put yourself in the right conditions to engage in a fight and not start one with conditions against you!


    There is always a weapon for every occasion. It’s good to remember this when you’re in the middle of a fight. Always carefully evaluate the weapon that should be used in a given situation. From close up it’s good to use shotguns or submachine guns, at medium distance use assault rifles. Keep in mind that even grenades and explosives are your friends. If you’ve to face an enemy hidden in a fort, don’t forget to use them!

  • 8 - BUILD!

    This is what separates beginners from high-level players: knowing how to build. One of the elements that have characterized the explosive success of Fortnite is the possibility of building structures, revealing at the same time an essential practice for the purpose of victory. During firefights in open fields, it’s advisable in most cases to build structures that can provide cover from enemy fire and at the same time increase the advantage of position compared to enemies. In addition to a defensive function, that allows the garrison of an area, the structures also provide an attack function towards an enemy position. But above all, they help us to go higher than the enemy! If an enemy starts firing at you, for example, quickly building a wall or a ramp gives you a cover to take advantage of. A building that you must be able to build is the 1 × 1 fort. It's simple, but very useful in the final phase of the game. Basically, surround yourself with four walls, build a ladder, then jump and build four more walls higher up. Repeat the operation a couple of times, and soon you’ll be on top of a tower!

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