Hello, we are Skillinked

Founded in 2017, Skillinked is a web platform which supports eSport Players and Teams in their evolution.
Today, video games do not represent for everyone Sport , but, they will certainly tomorrow.
We always wanted to progress, find a competitive team and become Pro Gamers. Some of us reached honorable levels, but, for us, the only way to continue to evolve was to play more and find proper teammates. We did not have enough time for that, and finding teammates with our same level and availabilities has been a very difficult task. We needed a way to find players and try hard more efficiently.
We did not have adapted means to evolve and to be known : that’s why we decided to provide you the help we expected.

Our story

It all started in 2012, when 3 of us had integrated a same French engineering school. We were students and schoolmates during the day, gamers and competitors during the night. It was during a bewildering 3v3 on Age Of Empire II, that we met two amazing and passionate players (…in the losing side).
After long sleepless nights spent at playing, communicating with professionals and mainly working, we are now an emerging start-up with a lot of ambitions. We have different and complementary profiles, all driven by a same passion, eSport. Skillinked is the result of some seriously difficult work, which we hope, will match your expectations.
We wish you good games, keep smiling, avoid trolls and don’t ragequit!
PS : We know from experience that is not always easy to accomplish, hang in there

Help each other & Evolve together in eSport !